Press Release


Cyberjaya, Malaysia, 13 February 2012 - ICdidik LAB, a leading IC Design and Research Lab in Malaysia, today announces the commercial release of its Touchscreen Controller IC (KTF7793).

“The KTF7793 is another ground breaking data converter from ICmic group of companies that targets touch screen controller market”, said Abd. Rashid Munir, Chief Executive Officer the ICdidik LAB. He added, “With this product launching, as a group, we are confident to make an in-road into this highly lucrative global data converter market”.

KTF7793 includes a 12 Bit SAR Analog to Digital Converter with a 4-wire resistive touch screen interface. It comes complete with on board switches which have very low on resistance allowing for direct driving of resistive touch screens making it easy and flexible to use for the customer.

It supports a sampling rate of 125 KSPs with an external 2 MHz clock which corresponds to only 16 ms to quantize both X-Y coordinates on a typical touch screen. Two auxiliary inputs are also included for direct quantization of other signals and absolute or ratio-metric measurements are both possible. It has a wide operating supply range of 2.7V to 5.5V and dissipates a mere 1.5 mW with a 3.6V supply and has shutdown capability further reducing power dissipation in standby mode. It comes with a tiny space saving 16 lead QSOP package and is an excellent choice for both handheld and non-handheld applications which might be sensitive to power dissipation and board space.

About ICdidik LAB

ICdidik LAB is the IC Design and System Design lab - a joint venture between IC Microsystems Sdn Bhd (ICmic) – a leading IC Design company in Malaysia, Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) and Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL). ICdidik LAB produces various products including ICs and applications for consumer electronics, automotive, communications and industrial applications.

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