Semiconductor Process Design Technology

Semiconductor industry has achieved phenomenal growth since its beginning more than 50 years ago. This is mostly contributed by the technological advances in semiconductor process technology. Due to the continuous scaling of transistor dimension, the semiconductor industry has been able to reduce the cost and size of integrated circuits (IC) while packing in more features. This has allowed more complex applications to be integrated while ever improving on the performance and costs of systems.

The transistor scaling has become a way of life for both IC and Process Designers due to the exponential rate that transistor dimensions are decreasing. Designing new processes for transistor dimensions smaller than 65nm typically requires advanced materials and techniques. The performance and design challenges including simulation accuracy at such small scales are also challenging.

At ICdidik LAB, the Apprentices are exposed to process design and device scaling challenges through state of the art simulation labs for process and device simulations. ICdidik LAB has highly advances suites for Semiconductor Process Design and Device Characterization capable of designing and verification of process recipes for technology design at nano-scales for a wide variety of devices. Some of the devices that can be designed and characterized are Nano-scale CMOS transistors; Bipolar and BiCMOS transistors; Memory; High Frequency devices like HBT, HEMT; Optoelectronics devices like LASER, VCSEL, LED & Solar Cells; Display Electronic devices and many others.